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16 April 2009 @ 02:16 pm
You probably won't find any higher thinking going on in this post...  
The nearby military base is doing something...bombings or cannons or something...and it's driving me nuts. *boom, boom, BOOM* Sometimes the back windows rattle. Besides that, it's a beautiful day, nice and warm and breezy. I've been mulching and checking out my few remaining rosebushes, you should see my hands. I can't find my gardening gloves. I had a too small lime green pair and then a better fitting striped pair and can't find them and don't know who else would've wanted them. Ditto for my little hand shovel and hoe. Garden thieves!

I ran into an old employer when I went to mail some things this morning. We never liked each other and did not part under real good terms. She saw me and had the oddest look on her face and then whipped her head around and looked everywhere but at me after that. At first I thought "you old b****!" but then I got to thinking it was kind of funny. She is such a fake person. And I don't think she realizes how many busted veins she has on the backside of her knees because if she did she wouldn't be wearing that very short denim skirt.

I checked on my mom to see how she was doing and she talked my head off for an hour. She is OBSSESSED with all these real-life cases of people being murdered and, understandably, is very upset by this about the little girl in Florida who was apparently killed my her mother. Then there's the Sunday school teacher who killed a little girl. All very tragic and my mom can tell you all the details of the cases and it's a good thing she can't get near the murderers because I think she'd be very tempted to take matters into her own hands. My mom has her faults but she's always been very protective of children.

*BOOM, boom, BOOM* Arrrrggh...
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